Want to Own an Exclusive Licensed Territory?

An exclusive licensed territory gives the licensee the sole rights within the territory to market, host and instruct LIVE Classes for Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security + the licensee has the rights to build its own team of authorized instructors however big or small it solely determines.
A licensed territory is acquired by paying a one-time license fee, and automatically renewed each year by purchasing a minimum number of workbooks specific to the size of the territory, and mutually agreed-upon by us and the licensee.
See the chart below for the # of restaurants, # of employees, annual restaurant sales by state as estimated by the National Restaurant Association. We have listed the cost of each exclusive licensed territory. This license fee is a one-time upfront fee.

 State# of Restaurants 2016# of Employees  Est. # of Sales 2017 Price for Territory
Alabama8187 196600 $8.1 Billion $7,500
Alaska140631200 $1.6 Billion$2,000
Arizona9310309200 $12.0 Billion $10,000
Arkansas5054122200 $4.4 Billion$5,000
California723871769100 $82.2 BillionNorthern: $25,000
Central: $25,000
Southern: $25,000
Colorado11526281300 $12.1 Billion $12,500
Connecticut 7941157000 $7.5 Billion$7,500
Delaware192248000 $2 Billion$2,000
District of Columbia226768900 $3.8 Billion$2,000
Florida 400011054000 $41.7 Billion Northern: $15,000
Central: $15,000
Southern: $15,000
Georgia18534476500 $19.6 Billion$15,000
Hawaii348396000 $4.6 Billion$3,500
Idaho 323869300 $2.3 Billion$3,500
Illinois26086577000 $25.2 Billion Northern: $20,000
Southern: $15,000
Indiana11787319800 $11.6 Billion$12,500
Iowa6175155500 $4.4 Billion$5,000
Kansas5199135900 $4.8 Billion$5,000
Kentucky7679202200 $7.9 Billion$7,500
Louisiana8762216600 $8.9 Billion$10,000
Maine318862700 $2.3 Billion$3,500
Maryland11250246200 $12.1 Billion$10,000
Massachusetts15617334900 $17.0 Billion$15,000
Michigan16198440600 $15.9 Billion$15,000
Minnesota9852274100 $9.7 Billion$10,000
Mississippi4719119300 $4.5 Billion$3,500
Missouri10907314000 $10.5 Billion$10,000
Montana266957300 $1.8 Billion$2,000
Nebraska408693900 $3.0 Billion$3,500
Nevada5867209900 $7.2 Billion$5,000
New Hampshire310766900 $2.7 Billion$3,500
New Jersey18337349900 $16.3 Billion$15,000
New Mexico334495800 $3.4 Billion$3,500
New York44910847600 $43.3 BillionNorthern: $15,000
NY City: $25,000
North Carolina18318482300 $18.6 Billion$15,000
North Dakota169739800 $1.3 Billion$2,000
Ohio22130583900 $20.9 BillionNorthern: $10,000
Southern: $10,000
Oklahoma6692180500 $6.6 Billion$7,500
Oregon9923197400 $7.8 Billion$10,000
Pennsylvania25846582800 $21.5 BillionEastern: $15,000
Western: $15,000
Rhode Island280558900 $2.4 Billion$2,000
South Carolina8977224700 $9.4 Billion$7,500
South Dakota184848400 $1.3 Billion$2,000
Tennessee10946313100 $12.2 Billion$10,000
Texas 454181315800 $54.1 BillionPanhandle: $15,000
Western: $15,000
Eastern: $25,000
Utah4862127000 $4.6 Billion$3,500
Vermont139931300 $1.0 Billion$2,000
Virginia15129379900 $16.8 Billion$15,000
Washington15282326400 $13.5 Billion$15,000
West Virginia322873800 $2.8 Billion$3,500
Wisconsin12398280500 $8.6 Billion$10,000
Wyoming130529100 $1.0 Billion$2,000

For more information, or to start a discussion, about owning an exclusive licensed territory to market, host, and instruct LIVE Classes for Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security call our corporate office at 800.300.5764
We offer in-house financing on approved credit. We are also willing to negotiate license fees in exchange for other valuable considerations and promotions.

Due to the enormous size of the markets within California, New York, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Texas we have divided these states into multiple exclusive licensed territories. Obviously, it is virtually impossible to clearly define territorial lines within these states so along with you, we will try our best to do so, but, must rely on the licensees within each state to work together amicably and honorably to try to not infringe upon each other’s territory. We cannot and do not provide guarantees of any kind and therefore provide no guarantees of merchantability, territorial integrity, sales, profits, income, success, or class size to any licensee at any time. can be provided. Any disputes will be resolved between the respective licensees or between us and the licensee amicably and without ongoing dispute, and in cases where disputes cannot be amicably resolved quickly, we will be the final decision-maker and all decisions will be final and without recourse by either party against the other. Exclusive licensed territories cannot and do not control the rights for online courses, workbook or textbook sales, or various kinds of internet marketing, social media, or national or regional account sales for several open and obvious reasons and therefore the parties agree that the exclusive licensed territory only applies to LIVE Classes. All licensees own their own businesses, are responsible for their own costs, expenses, management oversight, taxes, legal matters, insurance, human resources, and business decisions. In geographic territories and/or states where we already have instructors, the licensee would be required to wait until the beginning of the new renewal year for each of those instructors before being given the full exclusive rights for the territory. At that time, any-and-all instructors would become either independent contractors or employees of the licensee and would report directly to the licensee.