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We Appreciate Your Interest in Becoming a Restaurant OSHA Instructor

Please read the text and watch all the videos down the page so you have the information you need to make the right decision for you and your family.
1 Becoming an Authorized Instructor for Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security can earn you a huge income, while improving your work-life balance. We are looking for quality individuals in markets across the nation to host and teach our Live Classes on a Full-time, Part-time, or Free-time basis. This role is perfect for ServSafe and TIPS instructors, anyone with experience owning or managing a restaurant, OSHA instructors, restaurant consultants, or those who teach restaurant-based classes. To see just how much money you can make, check out this short video.

Make Money as an Authorized Restaurant OSHA Instructor

2 We often get asked: “Is it really required by law for all restaurant managers, employers and employees to comply with OSHA standards and safety rules?” This next video will tell you that the answer is a clear YES.

Is It the Law to Comply with OSHA Standards and Safety Rules?

3 Did you know that restaurants are America’s Most Dangerous Industry? In fact, people are injured, harmed, sickened, maimed, and killed every day in restaurants across the nation. This video provides all the gory statistics that show just how unsafe some restaurants are, and how becoming an Authorized Instructor can help make them safer for all who enter.

Restaurants are America’s Most Dangerous Industry

4 There is an ENORMOUS Need for Our Safety and Security Training. The restaurant industry is the second largest workforce in America, only behind the federal government, making up 11% of the total US workforce. Every single restaurant worker and employer needs safety and security training. To see just how gigantic the market is watch this video.

The Market for Restaurant OSHA is HUGE

5 Do you ever find yourself working over 70 hours a week just trying to stay ahead? The restaurant industry is notorious for this. That can be devastating to your overall health, happiness, and well being. Check out this next video to see how working with us as an instructor can improve your work-life balance.

Improve Your Work-Life Balance

6 Our courses are great at making the more confusing aspects of the OSHA code easier to understand, as well as showing you how the law applies to the restaurant industry. Other people seem to think so too. This next video will give you some of the reviews we’ve received for our textbook, workbooks and classes. These reviews include testimonials from judges, lawyers, restaurant experts, educators and others.

Restaurant OSHA Reviews and Testimonials

7 All that is required to get started building your instructor business is for you to purchase our Instructor Starter Pack. This will give you the materials you need to teach your first class, or to begin marketing your classes in your area. To see what’s included in the box, check out this video:

The Instructor Starter Package

8 You have the information, so now it’s time to make a choice. Don’t miss the opportunity to make big money, improve your work-life balance, all while helping to make restaurants a safer place for customers, employees and all others who enter.

As always, should you have any additional questions, you can call our office at 800.300.5764.
We love safe restaurants, and so should you.