Become a Class Creator

Create a Class

Do you have a great idea for a class that you would like to create? OR, maybe you already have a restaurant or bar industry class of some sort, and you want to use our network of instructors and marketing affiliates in order to expand your visibility, reach, number of students, and income.
Contact our office by calling 800.300.5764 and tell us what you have or what it is that you plan to create. IF we like it and think it is something that restaurant industry employers, owners, executives, employees and/or vendors would like and pay for, we will create a strategic alliance, or joint venture of some kind, with you in order to get it up and rolling.
Please understand that we cannot and do not accept all class ideas or opportunities. We must see the benefit to our students, our instructors, and our platform. We only do business with those entrepreneurs, companies, organizations, and course developers that we enjoy, trust, and believe in.
To participate in this program, the course creator must be an Authorized Instructor for Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security.