Welcome to Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security

Safety and security training for ALL restaurant employees and managers is required by law. It must be continual, ongoing, and in writing to meet the industry standards in every US State. If you don’t believe us, wait until a customer or employee gets injured on your premises, and feel the devastating pain that a lawsuit will have on your business and your bank account. You don’t have to use our program. You could write your own. But why would you want to spend the time, money and effort, to do that when our program will make your safety and security training fast, easy, professional, and affordable? It’s not about being certified. It’s about being trained. It’s not about knowing every specific OSHA rule. It’s about reducing risks and increasing hazard awareness. It’s not about why you’re required to provide the training. It’s really about why you should want to.
We are Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security. It’s not about us. It’s about you, your employees and your customers.

We love safe restaurants, and you should too.

Employee Level

Designed to give employees in any restaurant anywhere in America the training, testing, awareness and confidence they need to be in compliance, able to recognize and resolve hazards and work safely. Comprehensive. Convenient. Affordable. For every restaurant employee.

Management Level

Designed to give Restaurant Managers, Executives, Owners and vendors the training, testing, awareness and confidence they need to be in compliance, reduce risk, prevent incidents, recognize and resolve hazards and train employees for ANY restaurant in America.

Instructor Level

To be an Instructor for us, you must become an expert with our curriculum and at engaging and training students. This comprehensive course will do that. Upon completion, you can teach Live Restaurant OSHA Classes and offer safety and risk management consulting services, if you so desire.

Marketing Affiliate

Anyone can do it – especially if you are social media savvy, great with internet marketing, have lots of contacts, like chatting with people, OR great at using videos, newsletters, or other type of marketing to spread the word about anything.

Bundled Course License Packages

We offer fantastic deals on bundled course licenses. Whether you are a small, medium, or large restaurant, you can train your whole staff at a discounted rate. If you don’t see a bundle that is big enough for your organization, give us a call to talk about custom pricing.

Small Employee Bundle

The Small Employee Bundle includes 15 licenses for the Employee Level Course.
It’s a $300 value.


Medium Employee Bundle

The Medium Employee Bundle includes 50 licenses for the Employee Level Course.
It’s a $1000 value.


Large Employee Bundle

The Large Employee Bundle includes 100 licenses for the Employee Level Course.
It’s a $2000 value.


Manager Bundle

The Manager Bundle includes 4 licenses for the Management Level Course.
It’s a $200 value.